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By using Aframax or similar sized oil tankers as the 'platform', WaterClear PLUS is able to produce ~50 MGD (million gallons of water per day) while anchored offshore. Renewable Energy adds value by reducing operating expense - Wind and Wave energy power the process.  A tether to shore provides power when needed, and provides an outlet for excess power produced on board the ship.










Aframax Tanker "Overseas Portland"


Fresh Water for a Thirsty World










WaterClear PLUS works in a collaborative manner to develop a comprehensive solution to solving water needs around the Planet.  By taking a Big Picture approach to solving the problem, WaterClear PLUS is able to create the ideal solution for each locale.


Available energy resources, gross water needs, environmental impact, and cost effectiveness are core to the way we conduct our business.


The P3 Solution: WaterClear PLUS is providing both Ocean Desalination, and WasteWater Treatment with Water Recovery via a P3 (Public Private Partnership) structure, eliminating the need for the water utility to find the funding for such a large capital project.  The P3 approach leverages all available funding sources (Private capital, grant money, Government incentives, etc.) to pay for the capital costs of the project.  Through a long term partnership with the benefactor, the capital costs are repaid over time.



Areas of expertise



WaterClear PLUS helps find sources of pure, clean water:



Ocean Desalination
WasteWater Treatment with water recovery

Offshore Wind Energy Capture
Wave Energy Capture

BioGas capture and use

Power electronics

 Balancing available energy sources with operational needs
Operating and partnership agreements
Ongoing  operations and Maintenance
Environmental   stewardship and compliance
Protection of intellectual property










The Planet has a water crisis. WaterClear PLUS is providing pure, clean water to a thirsty planet.


Ocean Desalination onboard large platform Oil Tankers uses off-the-shelf Reverse Osmosis desalination technology that meets the energy targets of WaterClear PLUS.  Reverse Osmosis is traditionally a very energy intensive process, however WaterClear PLUS utilizes wind and wave resources to power the RO plant, thus severing the tie to the energy grid and avoiding the high costs associated with peak-rate shore power.


A valuable source of fresh water is captured via WasteWater Treatment, also on-board a large ship or Oil Tanker such as the Aframax Class.  The existing tank layout of the typical Aframax tanker is ideally suited to many of the wastewater treatment strategies currently deployed.  MBR (Membrane Bioreactor), SBR (Sequencing-Batch-Reactor) or MAAD (Modular Anoxic Aerobic Digester) are all technologies that utilize the tanks such as are found on the Aframax to process the waste water.





Phone: +1 (415) 496-0181 |  Email: info@waterclearplus.com




Fresh Water for a Thirsty World



















The Aframax 'platform' is ideally suited to many of the wastewater treatment strategies currently deployed (MBR, MAAD, SBR).   WaterClear PLUS addresses two of the major water related issues facing developing countries: the treatment of wastewater, and the recovery of water that would normally have been dumped into the ocean.










Phone: +1 (415) 496-0181  |  Email: info@waterclearplus.com